The Peacock Story

About Us


How did it all start?

Established in 2011 within our Kuwait office, Peacock Concierge has since made rapid and fruitful expansions within our surrounding GCC neighbors, with global reach. As of 2015, Peacock Concierge offices can now be found in Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. No matter where you are and what you do, the Peacock team is here to make your life easier. As a valued member of the Peacock family, you deserve peace of mind. You deserve professionalism. You deserve luxury. You deserve the Peacock Experience.

What are we all about?

Peacock Concierge is a lifestyle management firm that works for you. The Peacock experience is more than a service; it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you can always focus on the bigger picture, and let us worry about the little details.  Scheduling? Done. Delivery? On it. Booking? Confirmed. Comfort? Security? Luxury?Guaranteed As leaders in the region, Peacock Concierge is among the most professionally optimized, culturally oriented lifestyle management powerhouses. We have a keen understanding of the daily needs and demands of our elite clientele, along with the quality expertise. Our global network of world-class partners and colleagues in excellence ensures that your experience and that of your clients is nothing short of  memorable.

What do we stand for?

Peacock Concierge is a lifestyle management, full suite concierge firm for the distinguished, refined individuals and corporations of today.


Our vision: is based on our firm belief in the integrity of service, the value of culture, and the exclusivity of luxury. We take great pride in giving our clients and our members a promise of elite lifestyles and exceptional services. 

Our mission: is to provide every registered Peacock member with the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are receiving the very best that life can offer.


Peacock Concierge is the perfect companion for:

Distinguished individuals who value stability, reliability, and exclusivity in their daily life. Event-based concierge services. Corporate loyalty and reward programs that wish to achieve immediate brand recognition within the global luxury market aligning their brand values with Peacock Concierge’s elite qualities of excellence, security, and loyalty. Through our host of lavishly tailored services and facilities, Peacock Concierge is prepared to supply your high-valued clients with a fully enriched, loyalty driven customer experience