At Peacock Concierge, we are in the business of lifestyle enhancement for our distinguished, refined and elite individuals and corporate members. Through our host of lavishly tailored services, we supply the high-valued clients with a fully enriched, loyalty driven customer experience.

Established in 2011 within our Kuwait office, Peacock Concierge has since made rapid and fruitful expansions within our surrounding GCC neighbours, with global reach through our trusted partners. Our sole aim is to provide exquisite and unheard of features to the concept of concierge services and lifestyle management. Your Personal Assistant is capable of running your errands for you, making travel arrangements, finding products you desire, and many more possible services. You will find a full list of the services we offer in the coming pages.

Based on our belief in the value of integrated services and lies within our appreciation of well-being and understanding of the cultures in a fast paced world filled with responsibilities in which each of us needs personal help to ensure peace of mind. Distinct Comfort provided to all members and Peacock concierge membership card holders to enjoy a unique experience in meeting their needs and requirements wherever they are, around the clock, at fast speed and high quality.

We are proud of our fast performance,our solutions and creativity. We are focused yet experts in finding the problem and developing a solution,All what we do is done with a time frame that pleases our clients in order to build a long turm strong relation with our partners.



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